Results & Testimonials

Client Results

Transition In 55 DAYS

Manda Morris

Sr Director Strategic Finance
Soma Logic - 55 Days

Transition In 35 DAYS

Todd Cameron

VP Marketing
 Eplexity  - 35 Days

Transition In 28 DAYS

Jonathan Harber

VP Product Management
 Ridgeline - 28 days

Transition In 30 DAYS

Lynnea Louison

Sr Director Operations
 IAALS  - 30 Days

Transition In 62 DAYS

Maarten Warnaars

62 Days

Transition In 3 DAYS

Charles Warren

International  Director Marketing
 RMO - 3 Days

Transition In 45 DAYS

Suzy Cannon

Director Global Logistics
 Arrow Electronics - 45 Days

Transition In 120 DAYS

Sandy Bowman

VP Quality
Wyndham Destinations - 120 Days


Jane Nold Shriner

“I came away with strategies to apply right away. Other organizations provided technical education and networking opportunities, but not personal training at this level.”

Alison Bodor

“I am so pleased with the EIT training, {the work on building my network} is incredibly valuable to me. Thank you thank you!”

Bob Ford

“The content is excellent. The focus on building our personal brand is spot on for helping me find my next opportunity. The exercises, on using social media and it’s impact on an effective career search…was very, pertinent and practical to today’s job market.”

Cathy O'Brien

“Really made a difference for me. Because of the work I did with Patrice in fine-tuning my LinkedIn profile and creating a follow up system, I had 3 solid interviews and selected between 2 competing offers within 60 days of completing the workshop.”

Jennifer Laughlin

“…surprising revelation ….networking is not a horrible phony experience…it can be fun, genuine, and incredibly productive.”

Michele Gravel

I want to thank you for all of the amazing knowledge that you imparted onto us.This was a great course. Learned what I needed exactly when I needed it as we went along! Thank you! 

Kristi Correa

“Great content, terrific guest speakers,and wonderful leader- Patrice”

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