Why CareerCon-X


Executives now shift positions
every 3-5 years.


Finding the time to network consistently is difficult.


Having a strong network is key to your success.


Keep focus on your top 100 influencers that matter most.

Join The Top Performers

LinkedIn and social media are great for making connections, but they have become noisy.

Millions of top performers are choosing a laser-focused approach.


Setup your profile quickly with Google, LinkedIn or Email and start making meaningful connections.

Add Contacts

Quickly add contacts by scanning business cards, importing lists or adding directly within the app.


Intentionally connect to your top 100! No more dreaded "I forgot to reach out" headaches.


Take control of your career and let our AI check your progress and build your sphere of influence.

Using the Embedded Proprietary Techniques 87% of Execs in Active Transition Are In Their New Position Within 90 days