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The New Management Contract: Leading the Modern Workforce.

We’re all aware that this is a unique time in the history of leadership. The past few months have resulted in many being laid off or furloughed from their positions, while others are being sent home to work from home offices. The traditional, show up to the office model is shattered, and that is leading a transformation in management and leadership. Industrial Age Leadership In the Industrial Age, the focus was on the production of

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Creative Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

Why should anyone listen to you? If you have ever thought this, or had someone ask you this question, it’s time you worked on your personal brand. Over the years, I have helped hundreds of executives create and maintain their personal brands. These executives often remark how their personal brand gave them a much higher profile in their profession and inevitably facilitated that next, great opportunity. How do you begin to create a dynamic personal

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Building Your “Sphere of Influence”: How to Create & Nurture a Powerful Network

By Kristen Kenton, President, Kenton Talent Management ( President & BOD Chair, Executive Women’s Summit ( Early in my career as an Executive Recruiter, I was exposed to a great coach, Dr. Vance Caesar, who told me “It’s not about who you know.  It’s about who knows you, and the stories they tell about you in the world”. Networking does not have to be daunting if you do it right.  It does not mean being

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Are you a Top Performer? Discover North Star Objectives

While getting a paycheck is the reason many of us work, following our passions and goals is also a big part of life. Preparing for the next career move is important, and in this series we’ll be talking about the 10 habits that top performers cultivate in order to move up the ladder on their terms.  Let’s talk about the first habit that great performers need to master for a successful career.  Developing North Star Objectives  Visualize North Star Objectives   Clear objectives and goals are the indicator of

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