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 land their new role within 90 days

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change industry, role or launch a consulting or entrepreneur business which often takes longer than 90 days.

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Career Accelerator

Take control of your career.

Our accelerator is designed for leaders ready to take control of your career. Learn how to build your personal brand, create an executive presence, attract the career opportunities that fit with your passions inside or outside your current company.

Results: Land your ideal opportunity in under 90 days.

Accelerator Plus Coaching

We take a deep dive into your story. 

We give you personalized introductions, help you manage gaps in your career, turn ageism, gender bias and industry changes to your advantage with a robust portfolio of career assets. 

Results: Take charge of your career. Build your career roadmap leading to multiple ideal opportunities in under 90 days.

Concierge Connections

Full year of support creating your Personal Brand and growing your sphere of influence each month implemented by our team for you!

Executives now transition every 2.7 years on average inside or outside their current company. Leverage our expert team using our proprietary app to build your personal brand, manage your online presence and keep you connected to your network while you are heads down working. 

Login to your dashboard 24/7.  See your future interactions at a glance. Know exactly what conversation to discuss.

Results: 3-10 network expanding opportunities curated for you each week right onto your calendar.

About Career Con-X

Career Con-X was built at the intersection of personal branding and career management for director and above executives. Designed specifically to foster intentional growth and consistent contact with your network across your career.

We are on a mission to help over 10,000 executives each year to take control of your career with affordable 24/7 access to the ConneXions networking app, private 1:1 career coaching and by invitation community of go-givers, all with a 100% guarantee. Let us show you how to turn ageism, gender and racial biases to your advantage.

Built on the 5 pillars of Content, Education, Coaching, Habit formation and Efficacy to give professionals the skills and tools to network effectively, build your personal brand, highlight your passions as well as your skills and experience. 

Get the raise you deserve. Be your company’s brand ambassador. Be invited to share your expertise. Discuss and land new opportunities. Secure board positions.

How Quickly Could You Land?

Here are a few of our graduates
Manda Morris
Sr. Dir. Finance
Soma Logic


Olga Odell
FP&A Panasonic


Todd Cameran
VP Marketing


Maarten Warnaars



Charles Warren
Intl. Dir. Marketing


Suzy Cannon
Dir. Global Logistics Arrow Electronics


Sandy Bowman
VP Quality
Wyndham Destinations

120 DAYS

Lynnea Louison
Sr. Director Operations


Jonathan Harber
VP Product Mgt


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